Customer Service Excellence on Amazon Web Services

Find out how Nexa, leveraging Metaphor's expertise, revolutionised its approach to security and architecture on AWS, enhancing its customer service solutions.

Client Overview:

NEXA is an Australian company that delivers innovative solutions to streamline the customer journey.

Challenge: The client's primary challenge was to modernise their use of Amazon Web Services, including reviewing their security posture, disaster recovery strategies, network architecture and identity and access management.


  • Strategic Planning: Understanding the current environment allowed us to build a standardised approach for deploying new customer environments, responding to common challenges and working with variations.
  • Infrastructure as Code: Implementing templating for the environments deployed by Nexa allowed them to significantly reduce the complexity and cost of deploying new customers. This approach enabled better multi-tenancy in their AWS environment as a whole, whilst retaining the single tenancy security dynamics and assurances.
  • Centralised Security: Approaching common security challenges with a centralised approach has allowed Nexa to consolidate costs and attention into a single pane of glass, where monitoring, logging and understanding the billing for their environments comes at a much greater conviencience.


When Nexa first started working with Metaphor, their use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) was in it's first iteration. This had grown organically over time and was becoming more difficult to maintain. Integrations with new customers or changing requirements with existing customers were hard to reason about and implement.

During our journey with Nexa, we have implemented approaches which have meant Nexa has time to focus on their core business, customer service software. Metaphor is their AWS specialised architecture and engineering team that enables Nexa to focus on their core business.

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