"Rupert & Clarke at Metaphor have transformed our business. By partnering with us for cloud management and helpdesk, they have allowed us to grow our business and offer a unique solution to our clients which is a combination of our ‘boots on the ground’ presence along with Metaphor's highly skilled cloud management and helpdesk service."

Joshua Hawkins

"Rupert is an excellent and competent professional to deal with. It is easy to see the energy and drive behind his passion for systems and computers. He offers great service, prompt contact and invaluable knowledge and support. I would recommend him to anyone wanting quality assistance."

Lapo Ancillotti
CEO, Aviation Composites

"I've lost track the number of times that Rupert has corrected me, downright schooled me and highlighted key ways where's my logic was faulty. Rupert lives and breathes tech in a manner that is sincerely amazing to be a part of.If you think of an intellectual powerhouse within IT - Rupert is the embodiment of exactly that."

Nick BreeseDirector of Information Security
"I had the good fortune to work with Rupert. He always demonstrated genuine thought leadership and a talent for managing teams and relationships. He also has a profound understanding of business development, business issues and the bridge with technology to develop business solutions."
Israel Reyes
International Cybersecurity Expert