Local IT Firm Leverages Metaphor for Expert Microsoft 365 Cloud Solutions

Discover how a small local IT company strategically partnered with Metaphor to uplift its Microsoft 365 cloud engineering and architecture needs, setting a successful precedent for other small IT firms aiming to optimise their resources and focus on core business growth.

Client Overview:

Zentec is a small local IT company specializing in providing comprehensive IT solutions and services to businesses.

Challenge: Zentec faced the challenge of enhancing its Microsoft 365 cloud engineering and architecture capabilities without the overhead of expanding its in-house team. The company sought to improve its service offerings in a cost-effective manner while ensuring access to high-level expertise and keeping up with the fast-paced evolution of cloud technologies.

Information Technology
New Zealand


  • Managed Services: Partnering with Metaphor allowed Zentec to access specialized Microsoft 365 cloud engineering and architecture skills, enabling them to expand their service offerings without the need for direct hires. This strategic move provided Zentec with flexibility and scalability, essential for adapting to client needs and technological advancements.
  • Up-skilling: By outsourcing, Zentec leveraged Metaphor's expertise to enhance its team's capabilities, ensuring that they could offer advanced Microsoft 365 solutions. This collaboration helped in bridging the skill gap and allowed Zentec to stay competitive in the IT services market.
  • Cost Efficiency: The partnership with Metaphor enabled Zentec to optimize its financial resources. Instead of incurring the costs associated with hiring and training specialized staff, Zentec benefited from Metaphor's scalable service model. This approach allowed them to manage expenses more effectively while still providing high-quality services to their clients.
  • Innovation and Agility: With Metaphor's support, Zentec was able to quickly adopt and implement the latest Microsoft 365 features and best practices. This agility ensured that Zentec could meet its clients' evolving needs with innovative solutions, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Before engaging with Metaphor, Zentec's approach to Microsoft 365 cloud engineering and architecture was primarily reactive, lacking the depth and breadth required to leverage cloud technologies fully. Their internal team, while skilled, was stretched thin over various IT demands, making it challenging to specialize in the rapidly evolving cloud space.

Through the partnership with Metaphor, Zentec experienced a transformation in its cloud services offering. Metaphor's expertise in cloud solutions provided Zentec with the necessary architectural and engineering support, allowing them to offer more sophisticated and scalable Microsoft 365 solutions to their clients.

This strategic move freed Zentec to concentrate on its primary IT service offerings, secure in the knowledge that their cloud infrastructure was in expert hands. The collaboration with Metaphor has enabled Zentec to not only enhance their service quality but also to embrace innovation and growth opportunities in the cloud domain, reaffirming their position as a forward-thinking IT service provider.

"Rupert and Clarke at Metaphor have transformed our business. By partnering with us for cloud management and helpdesk, they have allowed us to grow our business and offer a unique solution to our clients which is a combination of our ‘boots on the ground’ presence along with Metaphor's highly skilled cloud management and helpdesk service." - Joshua Hawkins, Zentec.

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